I don’t wanna hurt you | I don’t wanna make you sway | Like I know I’ve done before | I will not do it anymore | I’ve always been a dreamer | I've had my head among the clouds | Now that I’m coming down | Won’t you be my solid ground?

I look at you and see a friend | I hope that’s what you wanna be | Are we back now where it all began? | 
Have you finally forgiven me?

-Sway, The Perishers


"Lek kon urip kabeh-kabeh entuk, iku gak urip jenenge"


Deadly Storm Lightning Thunder

Hello sunday morning
i'm so glad today is freeeeyeah! i've been being a volunteer for a big company employee selection. eemm this is my first experience to working in a 'psychological' thing. wish me luck ;)

why Deadly Storm Lightning Thunder?
i'm currently listening this song by Adhitiya Sofyan. he always has an -oh-so-me- wooorrds!
Would you call me if you can. I’m waiting underneath it all. All the mess and the chaos you’ve caused. Now you’re nowhere to be found. It’s all right I totally understand. They’re greener on the other side. And the sun will shine brighter everyday. I guess that’s where all the light goes

kemarin ngobrol macem-macem sama Ekki, ya gimana orang meja kerjanya sebelahan :|
- Ki, cewek itu harus ditunggu sampe bener-bener yakin. gak bisa keburu-buru. kalo ilang sekali, kamu tunggu deh ntar pasti balik sendiri.
- Kalo aku gak ditunggu tok mir, tak perjuangin. dulu sih pernah mikir kalau sebenernya aku gak perlu merjuangin apa yang gak layak buat diperjuangkan. tapi gimana ujungnya aku balik lagi.
hebat! yah whoever she is, she's so lucky to have you ki! stay strong! Goodluck!
pertanyaannya adalah, how about you maindra? are you something worth fighting for?

i dont really understand why i feel this way, i miss you, tapi..... gengsi mau bilang, mati ajalah.
"kamu itu bukan cuek mir, tapi gengsimu senilai 300 juta milyar" -Kata Macan


i feel weird

gondezzow finally got new girlfrieeend
eem yess okelah, hello little girl, please take a very very very good care of him, he is my bestfriend. 
if something bad happen, i wanna kill you. i'm not joking.

i was mad in the first time i knew he has a girlfriend, he didnt tell me anyway. maybe i was shocked to hear that. realizing we aren't able to going out together, just two of us, like we always do. huaaaahhh :( even he promised me not to worry about that since he always ready to accompany me as usual.
but still, i feel so weird :|

i'm not worry for being alone. people does, is there anything wrong for being single?