jadi ceritanya habis Ladies day kemarin anak-anak pada ngumpul dirumah, trus winda pamit mau les EF trus janji bakal balik jam 9 buat jemput amink trus nganterin pulang. okedeh. singkat cerita setelah jam 9 ada sms masuk "minc aku didepan :'( ". tumben banget nih preman satu pake emotikon :'( ,yaudahlahya langsung deh dibukain pintu. terus ujung-ujungnya cerita kalo dia sakit, masuk angin, lemes, segala macem. akhirnya nginep, si amink pulan naksi. hore winda nginep.

lampu udah dimatiin,selimut udah dipake, tapi yang namanya cewe tetep ga enak lah ya mau tidur ga pake ngobrol dulu. akhirnya ngobrolin macem-macem, mulai dari ngobrolin pacar(nya winda) sampe flashback cerita dulu-dulu kayak ga percaya ajalah sekarang udah jalan taun ke-3 kuliah, buset deh semakin tua aja kita.

point nya adalah, pagi ini sambil nungguin si winda bangun tidur iseng buka-buka tumblr orang dong, termasuk gebetan jaman SMP kelas 3, yang dia dimana saya dimana, termasuk salah satu yang diomongin td malem, ah, satu kata deh, He's still adorable. asli. mulai dari cara ngomong, gayanya, apalah. nakal tapi smart. lucu, tapi gak sok. i wish we can meet up, soon lah ya. pengen deh ketemu. ngapain kek ngobrol kek. jaman smp dulu kita sering cerita-cerita aja pengen SMA dimana, pengen kuliah apa, gitu-gitu. and we got it now, alhamdulillah. pokoknya intinya gitu lah. duh akibat nganggur pagi, mau ngupload foto kemarin tapi masih di kamera. jadilah pagi ini buntu lagi. wind bangun plis, aku mau KRS an nih.

when i go

If I get to sixty will you let me slip away
Into an armchair for the rest of my days?
Cause you’ve got your family and I’ve got mine
The love that we shared was for another time

Cause there are so many lessons
That I just never cared to learn
And there are so many questions that still burn
Like will you hold my hand when I go?

Slow Club, When I Go

Locker Keeper vol.02 !!

wowowoow i had a great day! thankyou @ and @ for made Locker Keeper vol.02 Garage Sale! thankyou for shopped and stopped, we got the best booth by the way, even it was too many stuffs and made my booth smaller :p officially happpyyy!

 It wasnt rain, the weather was so lovely

 we are the lucky number 11 :p winda, kak ajie, mbak didi, in front of the stage

 yeyy we met again, Geng Gossip! amink, arvin.

mbak ookkkyy :D

Ladiiieess. amink, pipin, winda. but prilla didnt join in this pict :[

 rumpik. bisik-bisik tetangga. ngerasani all the time. hahah.

with the younger college mateessss. i'm still young! :p

thanks guuuys. see you at the next event! 

another garage sale

today is the day! from 10am-pm!
i'm going to open my booth there! selling cute and cool fashion stuffs
be there! join us ;)


i was attending the grand opening of Matchbox Too. opened a booth with @yarmmani and @putrimacan.
a little bit bored, but so much excited in the last day. because all my friends were there! yeah! we were celebrating our 8th anniversary with being together, but @novindahpin @gitanevrina and @detyadela werent there. hiks.

yeahyeah this is our messy-but-lovely booth. thanks for stopped and bought something :)
see you in the next Garage Sale, we're going to prepare our new stuffs.
thankyou. kiiiissskiss!

the best part

Happy our day, Ladies. we have been together for 8 years and never getting bored to spend my life time with you all. even we are seperate from each other, no matter the reason i will always looove you! if i had one day to back to the past, i would fly to the time when we were together, 8 of us, and give you all a warm bear hug.

~ Full Team!

~ when we were in Junior High :p

~ 2010 :)

same peoples, same love
everything will be just same, we are getting older together
i miss you all

another dream

i want Thailand

with my baby macan
lets make it come true, Phu
as soon as possible