Locker Keeper vol.02 !!

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wowowoow i had a great day! thankyou @ and @ for made Locker Keeper vol.02 Garage Sale! thankyou for shopped and stopped, we got the best booth by the way, even it was too many stuffs and made my booth smaller :p officially happpyyy!

 It wasnt rain, the weather was so lovely

 we are the lucky number 11 :p winda, kak ajie, mbak didi, in front of the stage

 yeyy we met again, Geng Gossip! amink, arvin.

mbak ookkkyy :D

Ladiiieess. amink, pipin, winda. but prilla didnt join in this pict :[

 rumpik. bisik-bisik tetangga. ngerasani all the time. hahah.

with the younger college mateessss. i'm still young! :p

thanks guuuys. see you at the next event! 

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