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not because this is the last day of the month, its just as simple as the monday afternoon and nothing i can do but browsing and browsing or eating my new yellow oreo, i just wanna write some good words, that i've written on my plurk a year ago ;) but actually it's been long time i havent told anything there, i prefer use my twitter or this blog. heheh.

"Because life is too short to pushing your self for being so success then you forget how to make it fun, how to make the real-happy-life" -August 2010

"mengeluh sama mama tentang tugas yang makin berat. then she said: kuliah itu harus ada tantangannya, buat apa kamu kuliah kalo yang pengen gampang-gampang terus. tinggal berdoa sama usaha, cukup" -August 2010

i dont know why, really love those words. padahal biasa saja. kan. but it means a lot for me. preparing myself for that upcoming fcuking assignments next semester, or the french course yang makin lama makin bikin beban mental, seriously lebay, but thats what i feel. i drop easily. and i dont have any close friend to talk with. 
windy takes a different time. tapi udah nyebur, bisa-in sekalian lah. saya gak akan kalah sebelum berperang, i wanna study harder. promise.

haha hihi. Happy Holiday dear all haters and lovers.
semoga nilai yang keluar bagus semua. amin. 


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