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it has been very long time since my last posted. i'm tryin to back now, but still have so many papers to do. three more weeks to holiday. huraiy! actually, i havent decided where am i gonna go, maybe going somewhere with some new great close friends will be sooo good :)
about Thailand, i dont know. i dont expect too much. the ticket is very expensive. we were late to get it.
everyone in this house has their own holiday. mamaw leaving for Manado this morning, and marwah and papaw are going to hit Jakarta next friday. yes, i'm officially alone. and i hate being alone in this house.
i know i wont feel alone, because assignments always stay beside me. eerrrr
but everytime i feel weak with my college, i still remember, one day i will miss it all. i will miss papers and exams. i will miss those happy and unhappy moment. i will miss those guys. i will miss it. i will miss it. and taraaaa i'm happy doing this :D
and you, thanks for everything happens. i dont know what is it. you are here and i'm here too. we just keep it flow, doesnt we? good. i dont wanna put any label on this 'something' yet, you knew it, so, feel free to leave me if you want. do what you wanna do.

emm, i'm so excited playing Instagram ;)


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