short getaway : Psychocamp 2011

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this is my first experience being a tourist in psychocamp. when you're being a tourist there, it means you're old. time flies. we were there a year ago, preparing all of the new students utilities. it was a very very very good moment. and now the camp (tourists camp) was sooo sooo soooo weird, i dont know why, but yeah some friends act like it not used to be, trying to make a joke but still weird, trying to be friendly but failed.
but i had a great time, indeed. maybe beacause we were in difficult time, our big event was on big problems, but yeah, it was, now all we have to do is just keep struggling and hoping and believing, we are gonna work it out! its all about time.

see you next year, Psychocamp
no matter how, it will always be a good moment

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