we are so young!

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i had a very good time with the bitches last sunday. nevrina zagita was there! we met on skype! technology makes everything easier, but it wasnt complete, come back home!  the best thing when you have best friends for a long time is you dont have to tell them you're sad or you're happy, they will know without explanation.
they've already known i'm in trouble with my own self, crying easily, being so sensitive, and need something to encourage me to do that fcukin things. and they made it! those bitches make me believe that i can do this, i'm too strong to giving up, i'm NOT that fragile! thankyooouuu! you guys are wonderful! see yooouuu soooonnn!

we are taking it easy / bright and breezy  / we are living it up  / just fine and dandy

cause we were so young then / we are so young / so young now
and when tomorrow comes / we’ll just do it all again

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