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it's been very very long time ago since my last post in here, i'm not officially back, but i think i need to write something on my personal blog. mehehehe. it was my therapy, to write down my feelings somewhere, and i'm trying to doing it again, now. unfortunately i cant find blogger iPad application, its just rebyek to open this laptop blablabla, oh well at least i'm trying to writing something! yiihaa

to be honest, this is so hard, you know, to starting writing after you're (finally) back from outer space. oke lets talk about your daily routine maindra,
yeaah i'm in my last semester (AMEYN) to be an undergraduate student, this is my 9th semester. yeah dont be that shock, it's normal if you studying Psychology (its called defense mechanism) bahaha. but still, i hope i'll get my bachelor as soon as possible with all the my close mates and also boyfriend. we can do this!
the proposal was officially not useful since i need to change my research topic, yeah it was terrible but it's worth to do, ameyn again. enough to talk about this shit, i got headache suddenly.
and theeeen, i'm a part-time teacher right nooow yihaaa. couldnt believe i can handle all of the children, they are too cute, i have some class from 3 y.o til 12 y.o, it's like a game course, yes it is, Mindlab is trying to teach chlidren with games, it's fun!
hoyah, i'm in relationship for almost 10 months, this is unbelievable, i thought it was just easy to be his girlfriend, we were a best friend before, and it's going like that until now, luckily.

yayayaa, i have to back to my skripsi thing
see you later. hemwah!

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