in this very last day in 2012

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i've decided to writing in this page again after a very long time in the end of the year, i dont really care about if someone will read my posts or not, but i'm enjoying writing as much as a good things i ever had. in this very last day of 2012 i realize, bad things and good things actually happened in this year. i used to be that close to college-friends, but as time goes on, everyone became a stranger, we were so busy with ourself -and our priorities, we met to say hai infrequently, and yeah i'm just fine, people come and go right? i lost some friends and made some friends. dont expect i will be there if they need me someday, maybe i wont be.

one of great moment in this year was, i joined Ququmacan again, as an art director, i know you wont believe it :p but i did. we made a great short film called Conversation, i bet you will love that one!

another good thing, i can hold my relationship with him, been a year! what a surprise. i'm not bored like i used to be :p , since we are not teenagers anymore. be with someone who loves me in white and black side, take a good care of me, deal with my bad-mood-habit patiently, promise i will stay as long as i can. we are in our way to reach our dreams.

another dream, maybe its a resolution just made couple weeks ago, to catch that, i need to finish my college in march, and preparing for ielts score. ohya, finishing my essay in March was not my plan actually, i prepared to make it done in January, but yeah many things happened but i've learned from that. thank you for always here, in my stress and anxiety conditions, bunny.

i used to be that care about what others think of me, i think its bad, like someone said, they dont understand what i've been through, fuck people, just do your best. hahaha. i know i will.

for 2013, i wish i can reach all the resolution. travel to the place i've never been before, be a better person, etcetera etcetera.

hope you enjoy your day people! have a good new year's eve! see you in 2013! wooohoooo!

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